(SPF50+ PA+++)

Product Guide

Product Concept


Excellent coverage to cover up skin defects.

Superior makeup persistence



1 Collagen moisturizes to complete moist and clean makeup

2 KFDA certified UV protection (SPF50+PA+++) functional cosmetics

3 Excellent coverage seamlessly covers blemishes and defects

4 Skin-friendly oil wrapped around powder keeps makeup comfortable


Skin-friendly oil wrapped around powder is prevent evaporation to moisture from  the skin to maintain skin moisturization, and as it adheres to the skin with titanium dioxide and jinx oxide, which are functional ingredients for UV protection, it improves skin tone, improves skin correction, and blocks UV rays and covers defects with uniform application.



1 Usabillity and Visual Aspects

This product is designed with a differentiated prescription, and after the oil essence is applied to the skin, the tender texture naturally adheres to the skin to prevent evaporation of skin moisture and maintain moisturizing power by harmonizing the three colors to show the visual splendor.


2 Excellent adhesion and long-lasting makeup 

Powder and natural oil being applied and mixed sequentially to the skin, and it is a product that adhere closely thinly to the skin, providing a bright and healthy skin tone by expressing smooth and elastic skin like pottery.


3 Excellent Coverage

The SPF 50+ PA+++'s UV protection index and excellent grade of covering power are differentiated from the simple covering power of a general foundation cushion to express a clean skin with no blemishes, while providing a bright shine with a glossy coating of skin-friendly oil.


4 New concept Base Makeup   

It is a product that improves matte and powdery texture when applied to the skin, and even if mineral sunscreen adheres to the skin, natural oil is moisturized, so it does not dry and the skin feels slightly make feels lifting.


Mallang Foundation Cover Up Pact